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The Spy Who Loved Me

I’m a teenage girl, and like pretty much all teenage girls in my school, I have an iPhone. Yes some of them have some type of Android, and a few still just have a lame old flip phone, because their parents won’t let them have their own smartphone, but my mom and dad said I could … but there was one thing I had to let them do: install a cell spy free of contact on it.

When they first said that I could have it if they could put a spy app on it, I said, “No way!” I mean come on. You want to spy on me?! I’m 13! That is so not cool that they would want to track someones texts. They told me that they wanted to make sure I was safe. They said that I was too young to be exposed to everything on the Internet and to all the bad types of people that “haunt Facebook and Instagram.” They wanted to be able to see who was talking to me, what I was texting and see where I was by turning on my phone’s camera or microphone. I was like, “What?! You’re crazy!” But then they said I couldn’t have the iPhone unless I agreed to let them monitor me. I told them forget it and stormed out of the kitchen.

The next day I told all of my friends and they were like, “Are you serious?” They couldn’t believe it either. My friend Olivia has had her own smartphone since she was 11 and her parents never made her put one on. They let her do whatever she wanted and never bothered her. They trusted her. Or so I thought. It turned out that her parents did put a spy app on her phone! She just never knew it. She was so angry when she found out that she threw the iPhone and cracked it. I almost laughed. She was so sure that her parents were cool and that she thought she was so grown up. She was wrong. And now she didn’t have a phone anymore.

One day, a few of us were hanging out and talking and wondering if our parents spied on us. I was starting to get angry again until Riley brought up a good point. “At least your parents told you,” she said. Well that got me thinking. She was right. They didn’t do anything sneaky. They told me outright. Riley said that she wasn’t allowed to have an iPhone until she was 15, because her parents didn’t think she was mature enough. But then she started wondering if her parents would change their mind if they could spy on her. “What’s so bad about it, really?” she said. “I’m a good person. I don’t do anything wrong. Same with you.

She had a point. We were good. Maybe letting my parents spy on my phone wasn’t that bad after all. They were always sticking their nose in my business as it was, how much worse could it be? At least I’d have my very own iPhone.

That night, I brought it up again and agreed to let them put a cell phone spy app on. They told me it was to protect me and promised that they “wouldn’t abuse their power.” They showed me that it’s not as creepy as it sounded. I thought it was a spy cell phone free of physical contact software so they could just spy on me whenever they felt like it with just my phone number. That sounded so formal and weird, but I knew what they meant and I trusted them. Why wouldn’t I? They’re my mom and dad.

I finally got my iPhone that weekend and I let them install their spy app. We all sat down and tested it and I have to admit that it was pretty cool. A lot scary and weird, but cool. One thing I did like is that they can find my phone with the app’s GPS finding ability. Hopefully they’ll never need to do that. So far, everything it great. I don’t do anything bad as it is and I really do believe that my parents aren’t spying on me. They know I’m good. So are they.

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