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6 Tips For Protecting Your Business’s Data


When it comes to your business, keeping your customer information secure is essential. All too often do you hear about customers’ data being exposed as a result of a breach. So, what can businesses do to protect their information? Well, we’ve listed 6 of the best data security tips for businesses below.  

1. Make Sure Your Employees Don’t Have A Criminal Past

You need to make sure that you have trustworthy, reliable, and respectful employees. Part of accomplishing that is checking that they don’t have a criminal record during the hiring process. You want to avoid hiring anyone that could betray the business and steal customer financial and personal information.

2. Back Up All Of Your Business Information

Companies of all sizes should make sure to backup all their important information. If the data were ever to be accidentally deleted or stolen by hackers or competitors, you know that your data isn’t gone forever. The best places to back up your information are on an external private server or hard drive.

3. Monitor Your Employees’ Company Devices

Some security issues regarding employee devices include hackers accessing the devices, malware, and employees’ sharing business secrets with competitors. To make sure none of these threats impact your business, you must monitor your employees’ company devices. You would be able to see their messages, emails, browsing history, and much more. However, you must have your employees’ consent in order to monitor them. We’ve reviewed many monitoring services and we highly recommend PhoneSpector.

4. Don’t Share Account Passwords With All Employees

To protect your business data, only give account passwords to employees who need them for work tasks. Often, to avoid the hassle of communicating back and forth, all account passwords are given to all employees. However, in the event you have a disgruntled employee or an employee’s computer is hacked, them having access to all of your accounts isn’t good.

5. Install An Office Surveillance System

To make sure no employee or criminal steals your business data, you can go the old-fashioned route and install an office surveillance system. With audio and visual security, you can monitor who goes in and out of the office even when you’re not there. This can come in handy if an employee attempts to take information from someone else’s computer. You can find top of the line surveillance gadgets on DigitalSecurityWorld.com.

6. Only Use Private Wi-Fi Networks

The easiest way for online criminals to access your business data is when you’re connected to public Wi-Fi. Don’t make that mistake. Get a private Wi-Fi network for your office and require that all employees use it for business tasks. If some employees work at home or in the field, provide them with private mobile Wi-Fi hotspots. To further my point that you shouldn’t use public Wi-Fi for work, read these 12 reasons to never use it.  


Make sure you follow these tips and create a business data security plan. Nothing is more important than protecting your business and client information. Check out our other business tips on Safeguarde.com!

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