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Tips on How to Buy the Best Cell Phone Spy Software

Tips on How to Buy the Best Cell Phone Spy Software

You know that a cell phone spy software would benefit you and that it is essential in keeping track of your teenage kids and your sometimes philandering husband.  You go to the web and do a bit of research before you buy.  And, with tons of sales pitch employed by cell phone spy software business owners, you get confused as to which one is the best.  Everything seems to be the same.  If you buy the least expensive software, you might be missing out on valuable features.  But if you buy the most expensive cell phone spyware, you are also thinking that you might be duped into shelling out a huge sum for features that are also in other moderately priced cell phone spy apps.

The next thing that you will of course do is to browse through all the customer reviews so you could narrow down your list.  But your ever-inquisitive mind tells you that these reviews might just have been placed there by the cell phone spyware companies themselves and that none of them are true.

Well, these tips are sure to help you save time and money.  Because believe me, I have been there and to tell you the truth, I have wasted a couple of thousands on wrong mobile spy apps.  I have been in countless queues and have waited hours just to talk to customer support but ended up with no solution for certain issues.  I have asked for refund several times and let down for most of those times.  But I finally found THE best, and I think I would be selfish to keep this extraordinary software if I just keep this to myself. And so I will share it.

The Best Cell Phone Spy Software

I have tested this spy app and believe me, it’s worth the money.  It is actually reasonably priced, but still has unbeatable features.  It is priced at $69.99, about 50 percent less expensive than other spyware apps.  But if I tell you that with this comes features that are unsurpassed even by the most expensive spy app, would you believe me?

Auto Forward Tracker and Spy is moderately priced at $69.99.  And unlike other cell phone spy programs, Auto Forward does not require a monthly subscription to allow you to continue using the software.  Best of all, you can install it to as many cell phones as you want without having to pay for every single installation. 

What do you get for your $69.99?

  • GPS Tracking
  • Remote Microphone activation
  • Call tapping
  • Call recording and time logs
  • SMS tracking
  • SMS recovery even after deletion
  • Email monitoring
  • Website visit tracking and
  • Multimedia file monitoring

To get a better idea of what this brand has to offer, visit their website at http://auto-forward.com/.  I have made the best choice getting this monitoring software.  I haven’t had any problems at all.  It even upgrades itself to constantly improve its features and user interface, and it’s all free.


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