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Top 3 Cell Phone Spy Tools


There are numerous reasons that one may have for spying on someone’s cell phone. It may be because you fear your spouse is being unfaithful, it may be that your partner or even a parent is suffering from a memory loss condition like dementia – and you need a reliable way to monitor their location. Whatever your reasons are for spying, effective cell phone spy tools are going to make the difference in the quality of information you are able to find and in some instances, the difference of life or death. Finding the right mobile spy app is simple!

These are the top 3 tools that you can use to make sure your family is safe and sound and maybe even prevent your spouse from wrecking your marriage.

  1. Auto Forward Spy – (Watch my review – Great for beginners)
  2. Highster Mobile – (Read my review – More powerful)
  3. SurePoint Spy – (Good alternative)


GPS Location Tracking

Tracking your loved ones is important. Knowing they are safe is crucial to your piece of mind. If you have a parent with memory or health issues, tracking their location is crucial to keeping them safe. You may even have a child that you need to monitor. Are they really at their friend’s house, or are they at that huge party – participating in underage drinking and drugs? Locate your family in real time with the help of a GPS location tracker. This type of spy phone app is great even for daily use – finding your kids or spouse in the mall or grocery store, knowing where to pick your child up after a sporting event. Think of all the ways this could be beneficial to your family.

Social Media Spying

This is great for keeping a close eye on liars and cheaters, but it’s also a great way to make sure your children aren’t the victim of cyber bullying. Keep tabs on incoming, outgoing and deleted messages to make sure family members aren’t sharing inappropriate photos, messages or comments.

Social media is a haven for cheaters. Unfaithful spouses can easily create fake profiles and search for people in their area to engage in their extra-marital affairs. Stay ahead of the liar in your life by intercepting messages and putting a stop to the lies.

Remote Photo Taking

If you can’t piece the puzzle together with other tools, easily take a photograph unknowingly from your target phone. This can be helpful if you’re trying to determine if your child is at a sleepover or at a wild party. Take a photo to make sure your spouse is out to dinner with coworkers and not their lover. Your family will have no idea that you are snapping photos from their phone! This can provide you with hard evidence of lying, cheating or unapproved activity. An iPhone tracker is great to have!

Stop worrying about your family members and actively monitor their whereabouts and activity online with spy equipment for cell phones. Remember, you must own the device to legally download and install spy software to the device. Do not attempt to install this type of software on a stranger, co-worker or girlfriend/boyfriend’s device. This could be illegal depending on where you live. You must own the device personally, making this a great choice for keeping track of your parents, children, and spouse. Check with your local and state laws to make sure you aren’t breaking any in the process.



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