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Top 5 Antivirus Software Programs That Will Protect You From Hackers

antivirus software

The biggest worry among technology users nowadays is becoming victim to an online hacker. The number of companies that got hacked in 2017 is astonishing. Yahoo, T-Mobile, Equifax, Forever 21, any of these ring a bell? These companies were all victim to data breaches. With this increase in hacking incidents, internet users should be concerned. The easiest way to prevent a hacker from gaining access to your information is by installing an antivirus software on your devices.


The Top 5 Antivirus Software Programs
On The Market


antivirus software
What are you looking for in an antivirus software?



BullGuard Internet Security specializes in protecting its users from online threats. What’s unique about this product is that it can be used on both computers and cell phones.

There are five main features that make this software truly exceptional:

  • Next Gen Anti-Malware: The advanced anti-malware software used provides three-layer protection, scans site code for anomalies, and stores malware detected in quarantine.
  • Game Booster: Improves game CPU performance by blocking annoying pop-up ads.
  • Vulnerability Scanner: Blocks any way hackers could gain access to your information. This includes non-secure Wi-Fi networks, missing updates, and applications.
  • Firewall: Protects you from any malware threat online and through applications. Plus, it’s compatible with Windows 10.
  • Parental Control: Parents can control what sites their kids can visit and view their online activities.

Read more about BullGuard Internet Security Software.


Symantec Norton Security Standard

Norton security software is a well known and reliable antivirus software that has been on the market for years. When you first think of antivirus software, the first name that comes to mind is Norton. They have proved themselves as a top-note software that users can trust.

With their standard security software customers get:

  • Defense against not just malware, but also viruses, ransomware, and spyware.
  • Access to a Norton software expert and customer support.
  • A smart firewall to protect your home network.
  • Protection of your personal and private documents.

View this Norton Security Review for more details.


McAfee Antivirus Plus

This McAfee software is pretty impressive. With it, you can protect 10 devices including desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. It includes malware and web browsing protection, and access to customer support. Along with the features, their software is compatible with all the latest web browsers and operating systems.

You know that an antivirus software is reliable when they have received multiple awards including Editor’s Choice by PCMag. If somehow you’re not satisfied with their product, they have a 100% money-back guarantee.



If you’re looking for an antivirus software that is specifically focused on removing malware, F-Secure is a great choice. It protects your computer against all types of malware on the Internet. With F-Secure, you computer will stay up-to-date and never slow down. Not sure whether or not this may be the software for you? You can try it for free for 30-days!

Get in-depth on this product by checking out this F-Secure Review.



With many antivirus software programs, you have to physically go into the software program to scan your device. Well, Bitdefender did away with that. They have an AutoPilot feature which scans your computer for malware and other threats without you doing anything. Along with this feature, it has a disk cleanup feature and protects you when using public Wi-Fi networks.

Watch the review video below for more information:


By having an antivirus software on your computer, you’ll be safe from hackers and your information being stolen. Secure your phone from hackers even further by doing a cell phone lookup on people who are calling and texting you. 

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