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Top Reasons to Root Your Android Phone

If you’re an Android device user, it’s likely true that you feel lucky for not having chosen an iPhone. While iPhones are more popular and sophisticated in terms of the features they come with, many of its users are unhappy with the fact that they cannot install any kinds of apps freely. Android users, on the other hand, have so many options when it comes to the applications they want to have on their devices. But then again, many of them still want to root their Android devices for certain purposes, like downloading of software spy cell phone.

Here are some good reasons you may want to root your Android phone:

1. Faster Software Performance

Although Android is already a powerful operating system, performance issues still occur especially when hardware manufacturers bloat their products with things that users don’t really need. As a result, performance degrades and slows down. Rooting the device is a solution to this.

2. Multi-Touch Capabilities

One great effect of rooting an Android phone is that it enables the multi-touch features of the device. For instance, users are able to zoom in using the ‘pinch’ motion.

3. Improved Hardware Performance

Your Android phone is locked to a specific set of hardware specs by default. By rooting your phone, you actually get rid of the restrictions, which means that you can overlock your processor safely.

4. WiFi or Bluetooth Tethering

Tethering is an excellent way of sharing data connections with a variety of devices. Once your Android phone has been rooted, you can then easily share your phone data with any laptop, PC, or any wireless device. In short, rooting results to easier and faster thethering.

5. More Keyboard Functions

If you don’t want to be locked into the keyboard software that comes with your device, you may root your Android so you could have access to a multitude of keyboard apps. You can go for whichever type of keyboard that will make it easier and faster for you to type.

6. Freedom to Install Any Software or App

Perhaps the biggest reason Android users choose to root their phones is to have the freedom to get whatever software they want to have. If you’re doing any research on how to install cell phone spy software, for instance, you will realize that you need to either jailbreak your iPhone or root your Android device.

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