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Track Cell Phone Messages On These 6 Trending Apps

Track Cell Phone Messages On These 6 Trending Apps

A text messages tracker and monitoring app is becoming a crucial software that parents need to know about and use in order to keep children safe. Yes, it is no longer enough to just watch over children and what they do, because when they are on their smartphones, you can never be sure what they are engaging in. Merely looking over their shoulder and peering into their mobile devices will not give you answers. That is, if they allow you to do it.

Children are so much more concerned about their privacy than other generations before them. This is somehow the influence that mobile devices have. And when they are left with this technology, the consequences can range from good to bad and worse.

But now, with the creation of more and more apps that entice children to download and use them, parents need to be even more careful.

Thankfully, with cell phone spy apps like Highster Mobile and Auto Forward, checking what children do on their mobile devices is very much possible. Even their text and app messages can be accessed easily, allowing parents to discover potentially harmful conversations that can lead to risky activities.

And what are these apps that you need to be aware of?

6 Potentially Dangerous Apps for Children

    • TikTok

You have probably come across a video or two of kids on TikTok, and you would have found them cute and funny. This app has grown quite popular in such a short time, and it has garnered millions of users, from teens to adults and even elderly people.

But while it is very entertaining and pushes children to create great videos and express themselves, as well as learn a few dance moves, it can also be potentially dangerous. Very young children still use this app, even if they are below the allowed age of 13. And they can be exposed to inappropriate content, such as those included in audio, videos, and comments. Plus, accounts are set to public by default, which allows anyone to see and comment on their videos. 

    • Tellonym

As the “most honest place on Earth”, dubbed by the app itself, middle and high school children are quite taken with it. Being an anonymous messaging app, anyone can ask and answer questions without exposing their identity.

Unfortunately, numerous incidents of cyberbullying have been reported in this app. And it is also found to house violent threats from its users, as well as expose children to sexual content. Moreover, unmonitored access to the internet can be realized through this app.

    • Bigo Live

This live streaming app, where users can vlog about themselves or whatever they feel like doing, is usually for people ages 17 and up.

However, since there is no age verification process, almost anyone can use the app. And when young children do use it to livestream their own shows, many dangers can set in. Pedophiles and sexual predators can comment on their video. And these comments can range from friendly to derogatory and downright insulting, which can also include profanities.

    • IMVU

Similar to the Sims, this app is a virtual world where users can interact with others using their own avatars. It stands for Instant Messaging Virtual Universe.

The bad thing about this is that young children can use it. And when they explore the IMVU world, they can stumble upon the 18+ area where sexual encounters and nudity are quite common. Bullies and predators also abound on this platform. What’s worse for children is that a new feature called Chat Now randomly pairs users with others. And this can be the source of inappropriate interactions.

    • Houseparty

This video chatting app is open to all users, even with an age limit. And anyone can communicate with each other through live videos and chat groups.

However, there is no screening of videos and they are streamed live. This means anything goes. And children can be exposed to whatever content the video has, be it sexual, violent or anything inappropriate. Additionally, users can send links through chats, which can bring children to other sites and content, increasing the risks they are exposed to.

    • Tinder

While not new, this dating app is still quite popular with everyone, young and old, single or taken. But when teens make use of it, which they can because age can be falsified, they get into a lot of risks. Their geographic location can be seen and a simple “like” allows others to instantly message them. Dangers like catfishing, sexual harassment and stalking are just some that children can be exposed to.

While these apps can encourage creativity and allow your children to create some really good friends, the negative effects can be quite disastrous. Of course, you can let your children join the app and discover things about themselves. But their activities on these platforms need to be monitored so they don’t fall towards the undesirable consequences. Your awareness for these apps and their potential to harm can save your child. Use the best cell phone spy software and you can effectively do so.

Track These Apps Using Mobile Monitoring Software

With the monitoring apps like Highster Mobile, you can have access to your children’s mobile device. And you can easily look at their messages, social media, apps, games, emails, photos and videos, GPS locations, and more. What can you possibly miss when you can check all this?

However, be mindful that your child also needs their privacy. In fact, they crave it. So, give them the freedom they deserve and step back a little. Only check on them when your instincts are telling you to or when you smell something fishy.

It is also quite important that your children be educated about the dangers of cell phone use and the internet. When they are aware, teaching them how to be safe in the digital world is so much easier to do. And they will also be more cooperative and agreeable, especially with your use of a spy app.

Don’t let your child fall for the evils of mobile devices, social media, apps, and more. Make good use of cell phone monitoring apps and enjoy the benefits it gives you and your children.

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