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Tracking Apps: Alternative to Traditional Tracking Systems

Any company whether newbie or already established ones need to secure tracking apps quality surveillance systems having not just mere camera capabilities but one which has every bit of details pertaining to target’s whereabouts.

Numerous kinds have circulated today’s online world but only a few does the job comprehensively. It would be advisable to visit a website that could help you in choosing which particular app suits your tracking needs the perfectly. Safeguarde has discussions tailor-made for to fill your curiosity and interest; including customer feedbacks.

How are Tracking Apps Used?

It usually takes one tracking app to be downloaded on user and target’s mobile phone, tablet or desktop. The previously mentioned devices should be internet capable otherwise it will not work at all. The reason being: info collection and reporting is done remotely! The whole point of these apps is to avoid usual strenuous tracking instead, only uses info from activities done by target on preferred device.

SurePoint Spy, one of the recommended apps according to Safeguarde, has the ability to spy text messages (as well as MMS and online IM), calls, emails, (captured, sent and received photos/videos),  browser history, web searches, and even GPS location; all done in real-time.

A company can therefore use such an app or those reiterated on the said website for monitoring employer productivity at work while utilizing corporate-given devices. They can make the best out of its convenience or abuse its perks. Having to use an app will give employers unbiased answers as evidences are concretely laid upon.

Invasion of Privacy According to Contrarians

While companies usually have different approaches on employee monitoring, whatever ways it may be, workers deserve to know they are being “watched”.

In this case however, invasion would only be present when usage of app go beyond work hours during break time, after work, given company allows take-home of devices or the tracking happens without employees’ knowledge. Creators of applications highly encourage companies to do it the ethical manner, having a policy which includes its utilization.

Other “invasion of privacy” in line with extracting info could be possible through one’s personal email account. A latest example would be that of PokeMon Go, a downloadable game, wherein players are required to use a Google account. It is one way of digital prying.  Read more about it on: “Can you track a cell phone?” 


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