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Tracking a Cell Phone Can Help Parents Save Teens from Internet Addiction

Many parents, even those who use phone track software, wonder how much online activity is considered excessive or too much. Although internet addiction isn’t considered an actual psychiatric  disorder, psychologists and psychiatrists admit that more research is needed for them to know how excessive use of the Internet really affects the psychological development of young people, particularly teenagers.

Who is often at risk?

According to experts, there is no single profile that will cover all teens who struggle with too much Internet use. As a matter of fact, there are heavy Internet users who are socially linked-in, and they perform well in school as well. These teens may spend hours surfing social media sites, chatting with friends, or posting photos online. However, there are also those teens who are isolated and socially anxious. These young people may be bullied, teased and even rejected by their peers online.

Does your teen have a problem?

The Internet does not always have a bad influence on a teenager, but if your child spends way too much time online, you should be concerned about how it may affect him or her. Aside from tracking a cell phone to spy on your teen’s online activity, you ought to take a closer look at all of your teen’s hobbies and behaviors. You need to understand also that excessive Internet use can be associated with other deeper problems, including drug use, anxiety, depression, learning problems, or even eating disorders.

More often than not, the problem becomes visible in the school setting. For example, you may notice a decline in your child’s performance in school. You should be more worried if they end up getting angry whenever you try to limit their use of the Internet. For older adolescents, Internet addiction is more often associated with gambling, sex, drug problems, depression, and eating disorders.

When should parents worry?

If your child prefers to stay in his or her room for a very long time, you should start feeling concerned about what he or she might be doing inside. Also, if your child’s academic performance continues to go down, and he can’t seem to stop using the computer or his mobile phone, you should be concerned as well. If you’re using some software to spy on text messages, you should pay attention to the kind of messages your teen is sending and receiving as well.

What can parents do?

The most important thing a parent should do upon seeing the signs of Internet addiction on their child is to talk about it with their child. You need to have a good conversation with your teen about his or her Internet activity if you want to know what exactly is going on. Tracking a cell phone using Auto Forward is a good step in determining if your teen is already suffering from Internet addiction.

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