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Tracking Cell Phones the Most Legit and Convenient Way!

Imagine tracking cell phones in the most legit and convenient way possible with just a mere online software installation on your mobile. With all the possibilities brought about by technological innovations, you can now monitor a certain person’s (who we shall call your “target”) daily activities through his/her phone.Let us just say you want to know whether or not your employees comply with the rules of proper cell phone usage in the workplace. This is basically why phone tracker apps exist—to aid in your daily monitoring responsibilities. These are now being sold in the market for not more than $30.00 a month, cancellable anytime. You can now do away with the costly hiring of an investigator or someone else to do this for you. It is now time to utilize your phone and internet and let the app do it all.

There is a wide variety of tracker apps offered but I highly recommend Auto-Forward Spy. I personally use it to monitor my teenager’s whereabouts. It is more than just an iPhone tracker app (that needs no jail breaking)as it is compatible with all Android devices. It is considered to be a top-rated parental and employee monitoring software that allows remote info access without having the phone in your possession. It has enabled me to see text messages (deleted ones included) exactly how it appears on the target phone and even outgoing and incoming calls that my teen has made. I was also able to track her location via GPS, get a run-down of her posts and instant messages on all social media grounds, see all photos she sent and received, as well as review every website she visits. Auto Forward Spy helped ease my worries especially in times where I lost track of dealing with her as a teenager. This came with her consent by the way, because I wanted to ensure openness in of communication in our household. I always make it a point to set things clear that the main reason behind this is for her sake and that although I provided her a cell phone with all its perks, rules are set regarding its proper utilization. I am glad that it made a positive impact on our relationship as she became more interested in explaining stuff to my understanding as well as I am engrossed listening to her.

Facebook targets to monitor YOU

All the while you thought monitoring is your job but wait until you realize what the most popular social media, Facebook, is capable of doing. It wasn’t until I read about an article on cell phone GPS tracker apps that I came across a link about it. Facebook can now trace your web searches especially if you enabled the microphone setting on your cell phone. Sometimes instead of typing a topic of interest, we use the microphone. Little did I know that every time I use it, Facebook saves it for references; evidently subjects on my Facebook news feed are relative to my searches. So if you want to experience otherwise, better check on your phone setting and disable microphone use.

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