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tracking someone by their cell phone

Tracking Someone With Their Cell Phone: Is It Possible?

Some decades ago, the only way to track someone’s real-time location and activities was to follow them around. This may sound like some old-school spy movie, but it is true nevertheless. Tailing someone is still done today but technology has undeniably made it a whole lot easier.

Tracking someone’s location could be accomplished in a number of ways. There are some built-in features on Android smartphones and iPhones that could effectively find someone’s location. Then there are applications, free and paid, which can be used in tracking cell phones.


Easy Ways To Track Someone’s Cell Phone

Technology has now enabled someone to pinpoint a person’s location by cell phone by taking just a few simple steps. There are even websites and applications that help you find a phone’s location by simply entering a cell phone number on a search bar. You could also lookup a cell phone number on Google or social media platforms like Facebook; if the number is linked to any account on the Internet, you may be able to pinpoint its location.

If your main concern is just tracking a phone’s location then you would have a myriad of phone locator apps to choose from. Of course, you must be vigilant in choosing which one to use. Some locator apps need to be installed, but there are also applications that allow you to track through their web-based dashboard. There would be no need to install an app on your cell phone or computer. 

Phone tracker apps usually allow you to see the live location of your targeted device as well as its location history. Geofencing is yet another great innovation in location tracking. Geofencing allows you to set boundaries on the location of the target phone on the map. You would then be alerted immediately if and when they cross those boundaries. This comes in handy when tracking your child’s real-time location.

As previously mentioned there are built-in, and even free, phone locator tools and applications for mobile devices. Prime examples of this are the following:

Find My Device For Android Devices

Find My Device is a component of Google Play Protect which is designed to secure an Android phone from malicious applications and unauthorized access. First, go to the Google Play Store App then search and download Find My Device. After you have installed the app, sign in to Find My Device using the Google account with which you want to use the service. Make sure the phone is connected to the Internet, then allow location access to the application. After that, you can track the phone as well as use extra features like remotely locking and erasing a phone’s data.

Find My iPhone For iOS Devices

Find My iPhone basically works on the same principle as Find My Device; the main difference is that it is already a built-in feature on iOS devices. You’d need to go to your iPhone’s settings and tap on your name and Apple ID. Then, select iCloud then enable Find My iPhone. Tracking an iPhone could be done on the web via iCloud.com or by logging into an iCloud ID from an iOS device.

Cell Phone Tracking App

Now, if you want to do more than just locate a phone, some software could stealthily monitor any phone for you. Features depend on the software or app you choose, the same goes for the fee. There are some which could be done over the web, but features would not be as extensive as when you download and install an app on the target phone. Of course, that would mean getting hold of the phone for a few minutes then you’re good to go.

Tracking and spy software allow you to track a phone’s location and monitor its activities. You may choose to use the app to track, say, your child’s social media, texts, photos, and other phone activities. In some instances, you may be able to remotely control a phone and do tasks like taking a photo.


Why Would I Want To Track Someone’s Phone?

    • An Added Layer Of Security: Tracking your own or another person’s phone provides an extra layer of security and protection in the event it is lost or stolen.
    • Peace of Mind: By tracking your cell phones belonging to your family members, you can easily locate them in emergency situations. It also enables parents to know where their children are at all times and are where they should be. 
    • Employee Phone Tracking: Employers can track the real-time location of company-provided cell phones employees use. This data is valuable for employees who work in the field or remotely at home. 


Tracking someone through their cell phone is not only possible, but it is fairly easy as well. There is even a whole range of options of how to track a phone. Of course, one must keep in mind that phone tracking comes with certain responsibilities and is governed by certain laws. Hence, always proceed with caution and be prepared for consequences that may arise.

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