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Travel Tech Can Pull Your Business From the Pandemic Abyss. Here’s How.


There’s no denying that the recent pandemic has greatly affected the travel and tourism industry. And even after a few months of recovery, several businesses – especially startups or small/local ones – still find it a lot challenging to pull up their numbers back to pre-pandemic statuses. In fact, some of these businesses weren’t able to survive their losses and get back to their game.

Sure, it’s challenging and overwhelming, but if you’re one of the few entrepreneurs who believe they can still turn the tables around, check out these smart technologies you could use to your advantage. After all, travel technology is the best shot to revive the industry (as believed by most experts and professionals).

Covid-19 Pandemic: How Badly It Affected the Travel and Tourism Industry


10 decades after the 1918 Spanish Influenza Pandemic, the whole world has again witnessed and experienced another catastrophe – the 2019 Covid-19 Pandemic. The Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) was caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus. It’s an infectious disease that causes mild to moderate respiratory illnesses. Recovery is possible without special treatment but individuals with underlying medical conditions like cancer, chronic respiratory disease, cardiovascular disease, or diabetes, are more likely to develop and suffer complications that could lead to death.

In both instances, the global pandemic lasted for over two years and greatly affected various other industries aside from Health Care and Social Assistance – this includes the Travel and Tourism Industry. In fact, despite various tech trends, several businesses are still suffering from the losses caused by the Covid-19 pandemic in various landscapes and aspects of travel, hospitality, and tourism niches. Here are some data and statistics.

  • 72.4% drop in international tourist arrivals in 2020
  • 50% decline in travel and tourism spending worldwide
  • 34.7% drop in global revenue for travel and tourism in 2020
  • 91% of the hourly workforce in restaurants were laid off
  • 90% of cultural institutions closed down and around 13% might never reopen
  • 62M+ individuals lost their jobs in the travel sector in 2020
  • $925B+ losses of hotel businesses in the United States
  • $84.3B+ losses reported by the International Air Transport Association

Travel Tech Innovations: What You Can Do to Earn Back Your Travel Business Market

When it comes to such global crises, the travel sector is always the first one (and most gravely) to be affected. And though it’s most likely to be the last one to recover as well, the industry never fails to prove its resiliency, especially in this modern age where technology in travel has become more proactive and rampant. 

From the Spanish Flu to the Gulf War to the 9/11 Bombing to the Great Recession, the travel and tourism industry always finds ways to get back on track. With the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s expected to not just bounce back but actually surpass its pre-pandemic performances. And this is mainly because of more rapid than ever innovations and advancements in technology for travel.

So if you’re one of the affected entrepreneurs, you can rest assured that there’s at least one key technology to aid you to win back your target market and earn back your losses. 

Reassure Health Protocols and Client Safety are Covered

Expect that your clients will have higher standards and requirements in terms of safety and security, and be sure to be able to cater to all those.

Health and Safety Aspects You Could Focus On


  • Minimum health protocols for all employees and guests
  • Sanitation of your premises and facilities
  • Accessible/free hygiene kits 
  • Options for exclusive accommodations or tours

Travel Technologies You Could Utilize

  • Air purifiers and HVAC filters
  • Touchless sink faucets and toilet flush buttons
  • Automated temperature checking and symptoms detection tools
  • Robots for customer-facing services

Reevaluate Your Market and Explore Your Options

The overall landscape of travel and tourism has significantly changed so reassess your business and ensure you’re still at par and relevant.

Business Aspects You Could Focus On

  • The actual services/products you offer
  • Modern solutions to modern traveler’s problems
  • Your target market and audiences
  • Resources allocations or budget planning

Travel Technologies You Could Utilize

  • Intuitive and interactive websites
  • Google Analytics and similar tools to assess client behaviors
  • Augmented/Virtual Reality tech (or similar technologies) 
  • Internet of Things (IoT) and other tach-based devices 


Digitize and/or Streamline Your Services and Processes

Clients are most likely to avoid human contact or personal interactions. They would better appreciate smooth and streamlined processes for their travels.

Business Operations You Could Focus On

  • Service payment options
  • Rooms and facilities access
  • Client interactions and approach methods
  • Customer contact support

Travel Technologies You Could Utilize

  • All-in-one app or site for booking and tracking
  • Contactless payments
  • Keyless doors and voice-enabled switches
  • Virtual assistance and tech-based room services

Rebuild Your Brand and Re-Establish Your Reputation

It might be a wise move to rebrand and conduct an overhaul of your business processes and operations. But more importantly, be sure to present a more trustworthy image.

Business Marketing You Could Focus On

  • Business tagline and guarantees
  • Domain names and accounts on digital platforms
  • Online Reputation 
  • Marketing approaches

Travel Technologies You Could Utilize

  • Original content on trending social networks
  • VR/AR-infused marketing campaigns
  • Electronic travel (e-travels) through simulation
  • Computing power and big data technologies


Ensure High-Quality and World-Class Services

Moreover, be sure to offer more competitive and reliable services. After two years of suppressed travels, clients are less likely to compromise or settle for less.

Travel Services You Could Focus On

  • Door-to-door services
  • Airport-accommodation-airport transportation
  • Online reservations and digital payments
  • Personalized and customizable tours

Travel Technologies You Could Utilize

  • Business e-wallets and cashless payment tools
  • Chatbots and virtual assistants
  • Personal control panel dashboard with real-time data transmission
  • Automated pop-ups and alert notifications

Conclusion: How to Use Technology Travel for Coronavirus Post-Pandemic and Similar Possible Challenges in the Future?

Recovery is not a linear process and it won’t be homogeneous for all sectors and landscapes of travel and tourism across the globe. International travel might have more complications but domestic or local tourism won’t be as straightforward either. Nevertheless, recovery is highly possible especially to travel and hospitality businesses that adopt travel tech to boost their brands and enhance their services.

No one from the industry – well-established or startup – is exempted or 100% safe from such fortuitous events. It doesn’t mean, however, that you should just sit back and accept your fate. Be a step ahead of your competitors and always think ahead, taking into consideration even external factors and uncontrollable circumstances. Be sure to take precautionary measures to protect your business and your people from events like the Covide-19 pandemic.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a travel technology to forecast situations like the Covid-19 pandemic?

Covid-19 is an example of a fortuitous event – a natural event that could never be reasonably foreseen. Nevertheless, several technologies – like computing power and big data tech – are now available to forecast the effects of such events.

  • Can travel tech advancements really help bring back the industry to its pre-pandemic status?

Yes, after all, modern travelers are more likely to opt for tech-advanced travel and tour service providers. Plus, they are less likely to compromise and settle for less. 

  • What technological revolution can you adopt for your travel and tour business?

Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), contactless payments or e-wallets, Internet of Things (IoT), security robots, travel-intelligent chatbots, and one-app travel booking are some examples of travel technologies you can use.

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