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Your Ultimate Guide to the Most Asked Question of All Time: “How Can I Track A Phone?”

If you are one of the many who asks: “How can I track a phone?” You can either be an employer or a parent, who has a mind of a CIA or any legit authority of an investigative firm;then here is an article made to benefit your curiosity. Let this be your ultimate guide in the proven possibility that you can actually track your employee or children, despite life’s busyness!

How to Track Someone Else’s Phone

Whether you plan on tracking employee or children’s phone, all you need is a particular trusted tracking app such as Highster Mobile. It is a paid app for only $29.99 monthly that has no hidden charges complete with extensive features, as reiterated on its official website. It is one of those most prominent phone tracker apps that favorite Phone users because of its no-jailbreak needed feature. It can be installed in no less than 5 minutes depending on how thorough you follow instructions as stated upon purchase. It works exactly like Auto Forward Spy another commendable phone tracker app. Installation could be done on your choice of gadget (cell phone, tablet or desktop) and once successful, text message spy could be done even without prying on the subject’s phone like a desperate stalker. All you need is a stable internet connection for both phones since tracking is done remotely as well as information transfer.

Aside from tracking text messages, Highster Mobile has these premium features that would totally leave you in awe:

  • Text messages

Sent and received messages is saved even if it is deleted

  • iMessages

Sent and received iMessages from Apple devices (ipad/iphone of all ios)

  • Global Positioning System location

Location is given on regular intervals

  • Calls

All incoming and outgoing calls complete with duration, time, date and caller

  • Live Control Panel

Information transfer is well-organized in one single display

  • Social Media

Posts on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat, Twitter and all the remaining social media websites your employee/child downloaded

  • Photos/Videos

All stored and received photos and videos

  • Browser History

Every site visited and URL included

  • Stealth Camera

Tracking is done through taking videos or photos of employee/child

  • Search Alerts

When employee/child searches a pre-designated term (absurdity or profanity involved) you will be alerted

You can read about innumerable user reviews on Highster Mobile from the following link:

User Reviews about Highster Mobile

Tracking issues

Of course it isn’t enough to just know how to track a phone; it pays also to get yourself informed how usage of apps reversely does to you. Track my phone app link will discuss about how Facebook eavesdrop on your own phone.

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