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Using a Cell Phone Spy Software? How to Avoid Legal Repercussions

There are a ot of benefits to using cell phone spy softwares– you can track the whereabouts of your spouse, monitor cell phone and social network activities of your children, and if you own a business, you can actually monitor employee activities.

However, the use of such powerful software also has some setbacks. There are rules to its use.  Follow these tips in order to avoid getting sued in court.

Tips in order to avoid any legal repercussion in using cell phone spy software

1. You must have ownership over the cell phone that you wish to monitor

2. Any adult person using such cell phone must be notified that it is being monitored

Ownership over the phone may allow the owner thereof to use a spy software so long as it is being used for lawful or legal purposes. Using a cell phone spy software is not illegal per se but it depends on your intended purpose.

There are only two ways wherein you can use this software without incurring any legal liability

1. You can use this software to monitor your children’s cell phone even without their knowledge as long as they are not of age, and

2. You can monitor your employees’ cell phone if the company has ownership over the phone and you inform them that they are being monitored

So that settles it. A person cannot just install any spy software on anyone’s cellphone without doing it within the bounds of the law. However, reality speaks that people will get their chances so long as they can profit from it. However, this important thing must be borne in mind – any person who will use the spy software for illegal purposes cannot use anything obtained therefrom for any legal action or law suit. He is merely incriminating himself and putting himself in a dangerous situation.

Cell phone spy programs are relatively new which gained massive growth in terms of popularity over the last couple of years. It is expected that some people may use it for illegal purposes, but be that as it may, they are just putting themselves at the risk of being penalized by law. So, use the cell phone spy software responsibly and in legal way.

You can install the Auto Forward Tracker and Spy on a target phone. This spy software has so many unique features, such as allowing you to read text messages, even deleted ones, record calls, listen in on phone calls, and read emails. It allows you also to activate the microphone and camera of the target phone remotely, in doing so you can see the environment and hear the background of where the target phone is located. You can also know the exact location of the user of the target phone with GPS.


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