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Using Cell Phone Spy Software As An Employer

If you issue your employees company phones, it may be beneficial to also including a cell phone spying app to spy on a cell phone. Keep your employees honest by utilizing this spy equipment for cell phones and weed out potential theft by employees who “milk the clock” by handling personal errands on company time.

How To Use It As An Employer

If you worry that your employees are taking advantage of their company phones by using them for personal use – this is a great tool for you. Keep track of all incoming and outgoing interactions remotely, and rest assured that your devices are only being used for business.

Another great way to use a cell phone spying app for business is GPS tracking. If you have staff that works remotely or travels for work – keep tabs on their location and make sure they aren’t using company time to handle personal business. Have you received complaints about your field employees missing appointments or constantly running late? Use GPS to find out where they were and why they were late.

Wasteful time spent on the internet is another concern for employers. Make sure your staff isn’t spending time online when they should be spending time on important projects and jobs. Company-issued cell phone are for company business only, and many employees (particularly long-term employees who have been at the business awhile and might have the proclivity to slack at the job) may just ignore that policy.

Employing a spy app is also great for making sure your employees aren’t breaking any rules regarding networking and sharing of information. Because you have access to all emails and texts sent, you can detect any potential legal issues before they blow out of control. For example, your company may have a strict policy regarding advertising. If your employees are placing their own promotional information on their social media site, stop the behavior immediately and avoid legal trouble.

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When you issue your company phones, you should advise your staff not to use the device for personal use – especially regarding online activities like using their social media accounts, sending and receiving personal messages and the like. While you aren’t required to disclose that you have installed spy software on the device, you should give your employees the opportunity to NOT use their social media accounts and personal email accounts on their company devices, for privacy reasons. It is acceptable to monitor these devices for work use, but you may be overstepping a boundary by viewing their personal email accounts, social media messages and the like. Keep in mind, as long as you own the device, you can’t legally be held liable for discovering any information on the device because you personally own it.

Using a cell phone spying app with a cell phone spy camera is a great way to make sure your employees are remaining productive while they are on the clock. If you have staff that works in the field regularly, equipping them with a device that has a cell phone spying app installed is a great way to make sure they are staying honest and productive.

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