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Using Cell Phone Spy to Track Facebook and Spy On Text Messages

We’ve all heard stories on the news about how someone was posting to Facebook moments before their car hit a pole and instantly killed them. Or how a warehouse fire started and did thousands of dollars in damage because the workers were using Facebook instead of paying attention to their surroundings. Study after study shows companies are losing money because their employees are wasting valuable time checking in, liking, posting, and commenting on Facebook. And that is not even to mention the drama, cyberbullying, extramarital affairs and secrets that happen on Facebook. Downloading software that allows you to spy on text messages also allows you to monitor when, and what, people using the target phone are posting to Facebook.

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Some business owners do not have their own personal Facebook page, and if they do, most are not friends with their employees on Facebook. Because of this, employers could be ignorant of the fact that employees are posting to Facebook during work time.

This distraction causes the company to lose money. A disgruntled employee +Facebook could equal big problems for the company’s reputation. Checking in to see what users are posting when they are using the target phone can help employers save money, time and their precious reputation. Many employers have downloaded software that allows them to spy on text messages when they noticed a drop in productivity. They were able to see that instead of working, employees were scrolling through Facebook, checking out pictures and liking the statuses of their friends. Confronting the employee with the hard evidence quickly changed the habits of the Facebook addicted workers.

Middle school and high school can be a scary place for some kids, especially when a lot of the bullying happens behind a computer screen where parents and teachers can’t see. Until now. Monitoring Facebook activity of their children allows parents to keep their kids safe, and also helps them make sure their child is not picking on someone else.

Facebook is a great way to connect with old friends, unless that old friend is an ex and the contact crosses over the “friendly” line. Spouses can monitor who the user of the target phone is messaging on Facebook. The software that allows them to spy on text messages also allows them to spy on any inappropriate activity happening in the virtual world. Knowing this software is on their phone may prevent spouses from a “wandering mouse” when it comes to Facebook. The software is completely invisible to the user of the target phone, and is undetectable, even by tech-savvy users. This private, stealth mode feature allows the owner of the phone to do their undercover work without the knowledge of the person using the target phone.

Two of the main reasons people download this software to their phones is to track cell phone calls and to spy on text messages. Both features give owners the piece of mind and security they are looking for, whether they are concerned about their kids, significant others or employees.