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Using a Free Tracking App on Your Kid: Is It Healthy?

Privacy is one of the many concerns of children especially once they reach the age of puberty. Will using a free tracking app help in improving a parent-child relationship or not? Our verdict – it depends.

The Parent and Child Relationship

A parent and a child relationship is probably one of the most important relationships that any person should preserve and give an utter importance. As they say, everything starts at home and a child’s upbringing contributes to the values and virtues of a person. Once a child grows up in a very good environment and shares a healthy relationship with his father or mother, he is most likely to be happy in life.

But the road in having a strong foundation to this kind of relationship is not always easy since it may entail numerous challenges, fights and tears. One certain example is the latest usage of cell phone spy apps that can put a parent and a child relationship to the test.

While it teaches any parent on how to GPS track a phone remotely or even access private information such as calls and text messages, it has its own downsides too.

The Dark Side of Monitoring

As we all know, this kind of monitoring software does not only permit a parent to locate a child through a GPS tracking system but it can also help them maintain the safety and security of their kids. Although it has been a helpful tool to various fathers and mothers all over the world, the risk of getting caught by your child could cause severe trust issues.

Basically, the use of cell spy apps must be taken proper and careful consideration. One of the most important considerations is for you to properly follow the instructions in the downloading and installing phase to fully maximize the use of this monitoring software and avoid the risk of getting caught.

How to Monitor Discreetly

So, you might wonder how to track cell phone? There are various techniques some brands of cell spy apps feed to consumers in order to discreetly monitor a person or in your case, your children.

  • Other brands offer iCloud installation in case you can’t install the app directly on his or her phone.
  • You can buy your child a mobile phone that has the software already installed.
  • In case your child’s phone gets broken, you can have it fixed and on the process, have the software installed in it.

What’s the best solution to all these? Inform your kid about the monitoring yet be gentle and don’t sound too invasive.

The Installation

When you have successfully finished downloading and installing, the spy app will lead you to a live control panel wherein you can get the most private information of your child’s phone activity. By having a secret entrance to the most sensitive data of your children, it will allow you to get a grasp of your child’s life. This will favorably work for you as a parent since it can give you an opportunity to know the people coming in contact with your child.


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