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Vizio Plans To Notify Customers Who’ve Been Spied On!


Do you own a Vizio smart TV? If you do, then you should know that Vizio could’ve spied on you! Back in February of 2017, the FTC gave Vizio a $2.2 million fine for not disclosing that they were tracking the viewing data of its customers. Now, the company’s working on a notification system to let its users know if they’ve been tracked.

Below, is everything you need to know about the notification system and what data could’ve been collected.

How Do You Know If Vizio Spied On You?

Currently, Vizio is planning on sending to its customers on-screen television pop-up notifications. They’re going to let their customers know if they were tracked and about the class action lawsuit against the company. Full details about the settlement are set to release on September 12th, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Watch the video below for more details on this.

What Data Did They Collect?

When Vizio was tracking its customers, they were gathering tv information such as:

  • The cable company and box used.
  • Television watch history.
  • Connected streaming devices.

However, what troubled customers was that their personal demographic information was being collected. This means that the marital status, education level, sex, age, income, etc. of Vizio device owners was being obtained.

What made the situation even worse was that Vizio was selling the information to third parties. So, their customers had no idea what data was being collected about them, who it was being given to, and what it was being used for. Thankfully, the company is required to delete any data they collected prior to March 1, 2016.


First, companies were spying on people through their cell phones, and now through smart technology. What happened to people having the right to privacy? And who gave companies like Vizio permission to obtain users’ data without consent? If you believe you may be one of the people Vizio spied on, be on the lookout for the on-screen notification pop-up.

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