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Ways to Remain Undetected When Using an iPhone Spy Software

If you are planning on using an iPhone spy software for the most discreet reasons, remaining undetected is probably one of your major concerns. There are a series of things you need to confirm first before you even completely succumb to a particular brand. This is to ensure that while the spy software delivers all the information you need to know, it is still capable of remaining undetected on the target phone.

Android  VS. iOS

iPhones have very tight security features, the reason why some spywares make it hard to penetrate these devices without undergoing a jailbreaking process. However, today’s technology has created different spy software brands that are capable of bypassing these security features and eventually spy text messages, calls and other information on iOS gadgets.

Android phones on the other hand are installation-friendly to 3rd party apps, which in a way, offers a double-edged sword benefit and disadvantage to mobile phone owners.

Remain Undetected by Securing These Information

There are many ways for you to ensure that your target phone owner doesn’t know he or she is being monitored. These are some helpful ways you can implement to double-check:

  1. The spy app should not be available on the App store. This is of course, for obvious reasons. Having an app listed on the App store can reveal its identity in case the target phone owner starts snooping. The solution? Check the App store first if a particular brand of your choice is listed there.
  2. The spy app should not come with a monitoring or spying label. In case the app has been installed on the target phone, it would be ideal if it comes with another label. Check the details of the spy app on its page to check how the brand hides labels, root tracking data and icons on the device.
  3. The spy app shouldn’t consume too much battery. This could lead to suspicion and eventually deletion of the app in case the owner checks the battery section and notice that the app (even if it comes with a harmless label), could actually be eating too much battery from phone especially when the cell phone locator free feature (or the GPS tracking) is turned on.
  4. The spy app shouldn’t consume too much phone memory. This is also identical to #3. Check the spy app brand’s site and learn more about the software before finally deciding on a purchase.
  5. As much as possible, the spy app should offer ease of installation. This should spare you the awkward phase of borrowing the target phone owner’s device and installing the software in the first place.

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