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7 Ways To Hack Android Phones

Cell phones have become more than just texting and calling devices. With the many tasks that users initiate through these devices, cell phones have somewhat become vaults for sensitive and confidential data. This is mainly why hacking, with the intent of exploiting such information, is considered illegal. This act of forcibly penetrating a device, system, or network violates data privacy and data security laws.

Hacking, however, is a broad term. In fact, not all hacking is considered a crime. Ethical hacking, for instance, is considered legal mainly because there’s consent from the target. This type of hacking is basically performed to expose security loopholes and system vulnerabilities with the sole purpose of enhancing and strengthening network security and safety. There’s even a credential needed to perform such hacking. These so-called Certified Ethical Hackers are then employed by the government, public agencies, and private institutions.  

Hacking also may involve the basic monitoring and tracking of a device, which is generally legal. This is provided that there’s a verbal notification or a mutual understanding among all parties involved. An employer, per se, can install surveillance apps on company gadgets endorsed to employees as part of his business management process. If you’re a parent, you could also use such technologies to monitor your child’s phone activities and protect them from online dangers.

Whatever your reason is for learning how to hack a phone remotely, you have to draw some boundaries. Hacking apps are useful tools, but when used with malice and bias, they can be dangerous weapons. So, bear that in mind before you go through our list of methods, that to hack an Android phone is likely illegal.

Compromised Apps

The most common way of penetrating a device is by using malicious software, or also known as malware. There are several methods of hacking an Android phone using malware, and one of which is through a mobile app.

Hackers usually hide malware in an application or software program which they make available on third-party sites with less secured screening. Some of these apps however, manage to make it on Google Play and the App Store, victimizing millions of users before getting reported and taken down.

With this method, you’ll only have to make the infected app sound exciting, useful, and legitimate to encourage downloads. As soon as a user installs your app, the malware penetrates their device, warranting you remote and complete access.

If creating a compromised app from scratch is too much, you can always opt for readily available hacking apps.


Phishing is one of the most commonly used hacking tactics used today. To do this, you can create a webpage where you can embed your self-made or acquired malware. Once you get everything set up, all you need to do is to incorporate that page’s link into email or text messages. When the user clicks on your link and navigates to your page using their cell phone, it gives you a gateway to penetrate and access the device.

Phishing messages could also be used to lure users into downloading infected mobile apps or into straightforwardly exploiting personal data without hacking into the device.

False Advertisements

A classic way to hack someone’s phone is through a false online ad. Ads could be pop-ups, on websites (even legitimate ones), and on social media platforms. This method might be a little aggressive, but it sure catches the user’s attention, making it more likely to lure them.

Malvertising, or malicious advertising, is usually a web-based attack to exploit browser vulnerabilities and eventually install malware into the device. This is more common when targeting computers, but there have been attacks on Android devices as well. 

Trojan via Kali Linux

Kali Linux offers several tools used for penetration testing, security research, computer forensics, and reverse engineering. Its Open Source Policy aggregates thousands of free software packages in its main section.

The most common way of using this program is by creating a Trojan.apk through its terminal. The end result of this is an Upgrader app which is meant to lure phone users that it can upgrade the features of their device, making them voluntarily want to download. Several other Android hack tools that can be used through this Linux are Metasploit and Msfvenom, as well as Stagefright Exploit and Android Debugging Bridge (ADB).

Cloak & Dagger Attack

Next on our hacking methods list is the cloak and dagger attack. This process utilizes mismatched permissions. Using this method, you can penetrate phone operating systems in plain sight by taking advantage of the so-called “app permissions”. 

This attack abuses the system_alert_window and bind_accessibility_service permissions. As soon as these have been granted, the hacker can then capture passwords, PINs, or 2FA codes, unlock the phone screen, and ultimately obtain all other permissions. Eventually, remote access is enabled, making it possible to modify what the user sees, control user input, silently install an infected app, hijack keyboard, infer keystroke, and more.

Keyloggers Software

This software logs keystrokes, hence the name. By operating in stealth mode, this software captures everything that’s typed on the phone’s keyboard. If the user logs into their social media account, per se, the keylogger silently records the username and password and any other login credentials or codes. 

This hacking application offers subtle yet effective penetration. This can be remotely installed, and it doesn’t require any special skills to run. As soon as you have it downloaded on the target device, which will be hidden, it should start capturing keystrokes. You won’t be needing any force then to access and acquire data.

Spy Apps

The probably easiest method to hack your way into a cell phone is by using an Android spy app. There are several of these on the market to choose from. With the right product and the ideal package, you can accomplish a lot of things like locating a device and monitoring phone activities. 

You simply have to download and install the spyware on the target phone, which can be done remotely depending on the product you use. Once you have it up and running, you can get a copy of texts, chats, or emails including deleted ones, call logs including incoming and outgoing, social media activities, and more. Some spyware programs also include stealth camera access.

Most spy apps offer one-time payment only with lifetime access and eligibility for upgrades. Hence, you won’t be needing to learn to code or program on top of learning how to hack.

As initially mentioned, hacking may be a broad term, but the gist is if the target device’s owner has no authorization, it’s illegal. Several data privacy laws are in place, both federal and state, so you have to proceed with caution. 

To learn more about cell phone hacking, check out our infographic!

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