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What Is JOMO?

Before the rise of social media, it was difficult to find out what family and friends were up to. Now, people thrive on seeing what’s happening in the live of their social media friends, followers, and those they are following. Unfortunately, this has forced many to succumb to FOMO or the fear of missing out. 

FOMO is the fear of being left out of something, such as not attending a party or not being informed of some news. Social media has enhanced this fear, especially with celebrities showing all the wonderful things they are doing in their lives. Instead of falling prey to FOMO, many people are taking the positive route and embracing JOMO (joy of missing out). 

What Is JOMO? 

JOMO, also known as the joy of missing out, is when someone lives in the moment and enjoys their life without worrying about what others are up to. It invites people to accept that there’s always something better to do or one’s life could always be better, and to enjoy the life they have. Even though the concept of JOMO seems like a simple concept, it’s actually hard for many to adopt. 

How To Turn FOMO Into JOMO

Accept That You Have FOMO

The first step to getting rid of your FOMO is realizing and accepting that you have it. You need to understand that there’s no shame in your feelings. Without acceptance, there is no way to move forward. 

Figure Out The Source Of Your FOMO

What is causing you to have a fear of missing out? Is it not being part of a specific activity your friend is participating in? Or is it because you are not part of your friend’s inner circle? Figuring out what is causing you to feel left out will help you to decide better solutions in combating them. 

Unplug From Technology

One of the leading causes of FOMO is technology. Texting, social media, video chatting, television, video games, and more. By not seeing what others are up to, you can focus on the joy you have in your life. 

Live In The Moment

JOMO is all about finding joy in your surroundings and what your life already offers. So, slow down, look around, and live in the moment whether you are alone or with others. Doing this will help you better appreciate what is already right in front of you. 

Enjoy Spending Time Alone

Part of accepting the joy of missing out is being okay with spending time alone. Joy doesn’t always have to come from others. Find something that you can do alone that makes you feel happy and keeps your mind off of what others are doing. Play with your dog, read a new book series, or take up a new hobby you really enjoy. 

By taking these effective strategies, you can achieve JOMO in your life. Treasuring the little joys that surround you is much more fulfilling than hanging onto what you are missing out on. 

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