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What’s Hot About Two of the Best Spy Apps, Auto Forward and DDI Utilities

Cell phone spy software, like Auto Forward and DDI Utilities, are definitely hot right now. These are two of the most popular and trusted software when it comes to cell phone monitoring and data recovery. The trend of these spyware on the market is ever increasing. And people are speculating over these apps’ legitimacy. Let’s take a look at the features of these two ultimate spy apps.

Auto Forward

Auto Forward is fairly affordable and quite easy to use. It offers remote monitoring of a target phone and access to data is undetectable. The target phone’s user won’t have any hint of being spied on. Many are saying this is the best choice for both Apple and Android devices. With its simple, user friendly features and easy installation process, users of this app get more than what they paid for.

Here are some of Auto Forward’s features:

  • Text message monitoring – detailed record of messages can be accessed even if these are deleted from the target phone.
  • Call recording – phone calls can be recorded and stored for later playback.
  • Social media activity monitoring – social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter can be access and activity can be seen, whether it’s posting, watching or messaging.
  • GPS tracking – location of the target phone can be pinpointed on a map on a 5-minute interval.
  • Access to call log history – detailed call log can be viewed even if the record is no longer on the phone.
  • Access to contacts – all names saved on the phone can be seen as well as all data associated with the name.
  • Access to browser history – websites visited can be viewed whether history is cleared or not.
  • Remote photo taking – remote camera can take images from the device’s viewfinder. This can then be downloaded and saved.

DDI Utilities

Considered as the ultimate backup and data extractor, DDI Utilities review is used primarily for data recovery and even for retrieval of lost or stolen devices. On top of that, it can be used as a powerful spy app, both for Android an Apple gadgets. Its features include:

  • Message recovery – all messages and its details sent or received can be retrieved and saved.
  • Call log access – all incoming and outgoing calls can be viewed on the control panel.
  • GPS tracking – tracking can go as far as 50ft. from the phone’s location and displayed on a map with an update every 10 minutes.
  • Photo and video access – all photos and videos, taken or received, can be seen even if it gets deleted.
  • Calendar entries – all entries saved on the calendar, old and new, can be recovered and saved.

With all the spy software coming out, consumers face the problem of finding out which are scams and which are the best ones. Even on the internet, websites are being scrutinized. One such site is spy on them.net.


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