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When Your Teenager Begins to Date

Like it or not, every parent has to deal with the fact that their teenaged child may want to date in middle school and high school. Dating isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Thanks to hormones, teenagers are thinking a lot about who they’re attracted to and may desire a relationship. Of course, this goes right along with having to worry about sex, pregnancy and more. You may be alright with letting your child date. But regardless of your situation, you’ll want to make sure you’re keeping a close eye on what your teenager’s doing as they navigate the social scene.

The Importance of Keeping Tabs

No matter who your teenager decides to date or whether you’ve allowed them to do so, you need to know that you can trust your child. For instance, you should likely place limitations on whether your teenager can stay over at their date’s house and vice versa. While you should chaperone some dates, especially if your child is under the age of 16, it’s not realistic to expect to be at your child’s side every time they leave the house. That’s why you rely on technology to do the work for you.

Spy gear, such as a real-time GPS tracker can, for instance, help you keep an eye on your child’s location. Let’s face it. Teenagers aren’t always honest about where they’re going and you want to make sure they’re not going somewhere without your permission, especially when they’re on a date. Spy gear products such as cell phone spy software can also provide information about texts, calls, and emails. This is even the case when the teenager has deleted messages and voice mails, since cellphone tracking services are able to search through the phone’s cache of deleted messages. Deleting messages doesn’t mean they’re gone forever. Be wary of any videos or photos a teenager sends their date, especially if they’re inappropriate. In many cases, a teenager can be prosecuted for sending inappropriate photos to another teenager. Many teenagers have also become the victims of blackmailing through photos they’ve sent. Encourage your children not to send photos through their cellphones and confront them if they are.

If a child is hanging around someone that you’re not sure is trustworthy- for example, they’re dating someone they met online or someone who doesn’t attend the same school- it’s important to keep tabs on their new date. In many cases, your child may really be dating someone who’s over the age of eighteen. And sometimes, this person may be lying about their identity all together. You need to be able to know enough about this person to know whether they’re someone your child can trust. Be sure to do a background check on them in order to see whether or not this is someone your child can trust.

Be sure your teenager understands the risks involved with dating and having relationships. Your child may not be receiving adequate sexual education from their schools so be sure to provide your child with books and the ability to listen to them without judgment so they can receive realistic information on what’s involved with having a relationship, especially if your children plan on becoming sexually active. Your child should also understand limitations you’ve placed on them having relationships. For example, it’s more than reasonable to ask them to keep the door open if they’ve invited their boyfriend or girlfriend over to your house.

Dating can be fun and it’s a normal part of being a teenager. But with technology and honest discussions, your teenager should have a realistic perspective on having a relationship.

Spy gear such as hidden cameras, audio surveillance, GPS tracking system and cell phone spy software can actually benefit the modern parent-teenager relationship.

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