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Who’s Spying On You?

Your phone could be bugged and you don’t even know it.

Did you know that that there are apps out there that allow someone to spy on your cell phone without you knowing it? It’s true. They’re called mobile monitoring apps (aka spyware) and they are perfectly legal … if used in the right way.

Why would someone need a spy app to do something that seems so illegal, you ask? Well, for most people looking to spy who are on the up and up, it’s for safety reasons. Parents who give smartphones to their children want to make sure that they are not being bullied or stalked. Business owners who entrust mobile devices to their employees want to protect their companies by making sure their workers aren’t misusing the company property.

Just think, do you really know who your child is talking, texting or sending pictures to? Would you know if your employee was sexting on the job, sending out company secrets or playing Candy Crush all day on the company phone? The answer to both questions is probably ‘no’.

spy text messages

But let’s say that neither situation applies to you. You aren’t someone’s child—nor are you an employee entrusted with a company device. You’re a nobody—no offense. Well then … who could be spying on you? How about an untrusting wife who claims “I just want to text my husband?” Those are both certainly strong possibilities. But there’s also the case where being a good Samaritan can lead more trouble—and danger—than it’s worth. Many people search for iPhone spyware or free gps tracking, looking to spy on a cell phone for a variety of reasons.

According to a story on abcnews.com, a recent segment on ‘Good Morning America’ featured former police detective and digital forensics expert Brian Hill. In that segment, he showed ABC News’ Rebecca Jarvis just how easy it is for a criminal to install spyware on a stranger’s phone without them knowing.

Hill states that anyone—an acquaintance, friend or stranger—could come up with a phony excuse like not having cell service in order to get you to lend them your phone and then just like that, they’re installing the spyware. He then demonstrates by acting it out and getting Jarvis’ device into his hands and installs the spyware without her realizing it. He then shows her how the app tracks her movements through New York City and how he can access all of her contacts, call logs and text messages.

Hill then goes on to show her how a second app he installed allows him to secretly listen in on calls on multiple phones—which took him just over an hour to bypass the security settings and install on Jarvis’ phone.

The segment also showed how Hill logged into the software’s website in order to take control of Jarvis’ phone during a meeting and even snap a photo of her while she’s holding the phone in her hand. He then tapped her phone again to listen in on a call about upcoming travel plans between her and her assistant.

Scary stuff indeed.

So, a word to the wise … beware of who you hand your phone over to and never leave it out of your site without the password being set.


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