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why is cybersecurity important

Why Is Cybersecurity Important?

People use technology and the internet every day for personal and business use. To browse social media, to send emails, and to find the answers they need. Today’s technology provides users with ways to complete a vast number of tasks and find information about basically anything. 

Even though technology is clearly great, there are many threats posed to daily users. These threats can easily put a person’s (or business’s) devices and personal information at risk. This is why cybersecurity is essential for everyone. 

What Is Cybersecurity? 

Cyber security is compiled of various digital security methods that help protect one’s sensitive data and information from being accessed by unauthorized parties. People seeking to secretly access this information and commit cyber attacks include identity thieves, scammers, hackers, and other criminals. 

Who is at risk of being targeted by these cybersecurity threats? Everyone. Kids, parents, teachers, business owners… the list goes on. No matter who you are or what precautions you take, your data and devices are always at risk from cyber crimes. 


Why Is Cybersecurity Important?

Everyone Is Impacted By Cybersecurity

As we said previously, cybersecurity affects everyone. All people are vulnerable to all types of cybersecurity dangers including social engineering and ransomware attacks, data breaches, hacking, malware, cloud and software vulnerabilities, phishing, and more. According to this report, about 15 billion records were exposed from 7,000+ data breaches that occurred in 2019. 

Technology Constantly Changes

Technology continues to change on a daily basis from the devices themselves to operating systems to new innovations. However, with new technologies and software comes vulnerabilities hackers can exploit to gain access to devices and data. Usually, technology companies are too slow in fixing these flaws resulting in users becoming compromised. 

Business Protection

Businesses, big or small, have a number of private and confidential data that they store. Customer data, bank account information, social security numbers, and other sensitive information. Cyber and information security methods help protect this information from getting into the wrong hands and exposing the business. 

Protection From Data Breaches

In summary, data breaches are the worst for anyone to be the victim of. Data breaches of websites can expose customer accounts containing their information. Business servers getting breached not only impacts customers, but the business as well. Private, confidential, and intellectual property information can be leaked, leading to a loss of customer business and trust. 


The Impact of Cybersecurity Breaches

Loss of Business and Customer Trust

If a business’s cybersecurity is compromised, it can lead to a decrease in business and loss of customer trust. How can customers trust a company with their information again? The answer often varies, but leads many customers to stop using a business as their reputation has been permanently tarnished. 

Legal Ramifications

There are many legal ramifications for businesses who are the victim of a cybersecurity attack, especially if it impacts their customers. Customers can sue a company for the unlawful distribution of their information. Customers can also bring up a business on charges of evading regulations pertaining to data such as HIPPA.  

Identity Theft

When information is compromised and obtained by a cyber criminal, it can be used by identity thieves, scammers, and hackers to commit identity theft. These criminals could open bank accounts in your name, obtain loans, and steal your tax refund or social security check. 

Financial Ruin

Businesses often store clients and customers financial information such as bank account login information and credit card numbers. This information, along with full name, DOB, etc., can be used to access someone’s financial accounts so they can make fake charges and steal their money. 

Crashing Devices

Cybersecurity threats aren’t always about obtaining information. Sometimes, the goal is to just crash important devices and servers used by a business. If this occurs, all of the business’s data is destroyed, unless they were smart enough to make a backup.


Whether you are just a tech user or a business, cybersecurity will protect you while using the internet. Don’t just rely on the cybersecurity protection methods devices and businesses have. Be proactive and do what you can to protect your own devices and data. 

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