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Why Parents Need to Pay Attention to Their Teen’s Cell Phone Browsing Habits

Parents that feel their teen is responsible with their device may want to consider taking a peek at their teen’s cell phone activity. You may be surprised at what you find.  There are more incidents occurring with teens running away from home, planning flash mobs and causing public disturbances, and even bullying others.  These actions can be stopped and possibly prevented from getting worse through mobile monitoring.  Just when you think you know things about your teen, cell phone monitoring can give further details about what their child likes without the teen knowing about it. It is important to know such information in case something happens.

Teens Visit Websites They Should Avoid

Parents may not think there is much to worry about when it comes to internet browsing using cell phones. The problem is many teens’ access websites on their cell phones they access on a computer or laptop.  This is a problem for parents and an issue many parents are not aware of.  Social media sites, mature adult websites, gambling sites, and other sites with inappropriate content can be accessed with a cell phone browser. Many teens like the idea of having a cell phone simply because they can access content they know they couldn’t do on a computer. Parents need to be watchful since accessing such content can lead to actions you don’t want happening to your child.

Teens Like to Chat with Strangers

There are teens that find it entertaining to chat with people they don’t know.  Some like to tell lies about who they are just so they can talk to someone much older than them.  There are teens that will share personal information that could lead to further communication and contact in person.  This means actions such as kidnapping, rape or anything along these lines could occur very quickly. There are cases in which teens have disappeared without warning and parents find out their child was communicating with a stranger the family doesn’t know.  One of the first things that come to mind of a parent in such situations is that they wish they knew their child was engaging in such communication in the first place.

Viruses and Malware Are Lurking

Computers are not the only forms of technology that face threats of viruses and malware.  Cell phones also have a chance of being affected with such content.  While some may think it is rare, it does happen.  There are malware claims that include sending text messages to phones and when you tap the link it could read personal details on the device.  Children could be online with someone they claim to know and receive an email or text with an unknown link.  Children need to know when it is okay to actually open the link.  If they are in doubt they should mention it to their parent before opening.  Parents can learn such details when it happens and even prevent the link from being tapped when using a cell phone spying app.

Cyberbullying and Sexting Occur Quite Often

There are studies confirming teens send thousands of text messages on a regular basis.  Many of these messages are of sexual content.  There are some messages that lead to sexual activity outside of sexting.  Bullying also occurs and many children don’t tell their parents when they are being bullied.  There are issues parents should be aware of in order to help their child know how to make good decisions. Because both of these actions occur often parents may have no idea their child is engaged in one or both.


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