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Why Spy On Text Messages Is Good For Business

Whether you are running a small business or a million dollar corporation, the ability to trust your employees to work professionally and to uphold the mission and values of the company is vital. Regardless of the company and it’s services or products, time is money. Wasting time equals wasting money, and no business wants to do that. This is why it is a good business practice to monitor how employees are spending their time on the clock, and what they are doing with the cell phones provided to them to conduct business. This is also why almost 45% of business are turning to software that allows them to spy on text messages, like Auto Forward.

Employers benefit from using this type of software because they can monitor the information going to and from the target phone, and make sure all confidential information says just that way, confidential. By having access to web history, email accounts, and call logs, employers can make sure employees are not trying to steal from them, that they aren’t searching for a new job on company time, and that they aren’t using the work phone to conduct personal business. A large number of employees admit to sending financial data or product info using their email. This is a big issue for the security of the company, and employers who can spy on text messages, emails, and downloaded files can keep this from happening.

Many employees are not intentionally trying to harm the company, and don’t see the harm in sending a quick personal email, making a ten-minute phone call to their loved ones, or looking for new tennis shoes online for a half hour when they need a “brain break.” However, if every employee used company time this way, the company could lose A LOT of money. Tracking how time is spent while at work is another benefit of cell phone monitoring software.

Everyone knows that employers benefit from having the ability to spy on text messages, but what does the employee get out of it? When employers can monitor who IS wasting company time, they can also monitor who ISN’T. By using the software as a motivational tool, employers can track who makes business calls even after their shift, who answers emails on the weekends, and who uses their work phone strictly for work. By calling attention to these positive behaviors, it is easy to recognize and reward the employees who are going above and beyond their job requirement, and who appreciate the privilege of using a work phone. Employers can also get a glimpse into emails sent and by spying on text messages and browser history, can also see which employees need more training and/or a friendly reminder about when it is appropriate to look for shoes online and when it is not.

Software intended to spy on text messages can be added to any number of target phones, so you have access to all of your employees’ information whether you have 5 employees or 50. The program is invisible and can not be detected on the target phone.

Spying on your employees can increase productivity, decrease activities that waste time, and help employees stay focused on their specific responsibilities.