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Why Use Public Records Search Engines To Do A Criminal and Background Checks

As an employer, you would not want to employ a person with a criminal past to work for you and if you would, then you would surely want to know that they served their time and that they are properly rehabilitated. Although nobody is perfect, you need to know who your employees really are and if they have any criminal records. This is why free background checks are important. This is to enable you to know how to handle them at work. There are various important reasons why as an employer one needs to run a background check on their employees. These include;

  1. Vicarious liability

If an employee’s actions hurt someone, the employer is liable if they hurt that person on the course of their duty or on the premises of the business. This kind of liability would pose a great threat and financial obligation to employers hence they need to know their employees backgrounds.

  1. Terrorism acts

With the rising terrorism attacks, one may not know exactly whom they are hiring, well, not until they find out. The employee you have in mind could be a domestic terrorist in disguise using employment as a way of cover. No one would want to be associated with terror dealings hence it is very necessary to run a criminal and background check on the people they employ. They could find criminal record online.





  1. Fraudulent information

The resume that an applicant gives you during a job interview or application may not be the entire truth. Therefore, it is quite a necessity to run a background check to ensure that you are not hiring a different person from what they say they are.

  1. Law requirement

The state and federal laws require employers to conduct this check for certain and most jobs. Most states require a background check be conducted on people who work with children, elderly or even the disabled. This is because these particular groups of people are more vulnerable to criminals and they may take advantage of them. In some of these jobs, you do not want to have a sex offender anywhere near the children.


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  1. Get the best employees

Many employers are able to sort out the best people to hire from the rest by running a background check on the applicants. This enables them to get the best people to employ and those who uphold the highest levels of integrity and honesty. It also ensures that the employer has made the best decision in hiring the applicants.

  1. Professionalism

When you want to hire a certain person or an organization to do professional work for example legal work, you need to do a background check on them. You may want to know their educational background and if they qualify for the job that you want them to do. This is also to make sure that their documents and certificates are authentic and ensure that you are hiring the right people to do the particular work for you that you want. You may also find online reviews to see if people are satisfied with their services.

  1. Availability of databases

There are very many public search engines that are available online and this makes it easy for employers to conduct background checks. The cost of conducting such searches has gone down tremendously and today, employers find it feasible to run many backgrounds checks with the best public records search engine. They can also use a reverse phone number lookup.

All the information that you may want to know about a person, short of a medical records and other information that should not be disclosed by law, is already out there in cyberspace. Therefore, it is quite important for employers to conduct a criminal and background check on their employees and the people that they would like to hire.


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