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With So Many Text Message Spy Software – How Do You Know You Have The Best?

This is the question that goes into the minds of many people when they hear about the text message spy software. Looking online, you will find so many of these apps and since every developer professes theirs to be the best, you may have a hard time finding the best one. The trend with people who buy things online is to look at other customer reviews first, so that they can know what people who have used the products before them think. This is what you too should do when you are looking for good cell phone spy software to use on your teen’s phone. Look fo Auto Forward reviews written by other people to know whether you will get great value for your money.

Although cell phone monitoring software is perceived to be a “big brother” type of personal invasion, technology also has its upsides. Cell phones can save lives. According to a Guardian article, cell phones have saved multiple lives, many times:

I was in a sea kayak, which has watertight compartments; my phone and distress flares were in one of them. And the phone was in a zipped plastic bag to keep it dry. If I had done a different trip that day, I would not have got a signal. It is very patchy along the coast. I would like to see better coastal reception, so that smaller crafts can use mobiles when in difficulty. I work in a lighthouse, and certainly wouldn’t mind having a mast put up there. Without my phone, I do not think I would be here today.

Especially for the outdoorsy person, a cell phone can save a life. If you’re lost, you can become found. Active.com states:

When you power up your cell phone, it sends out a small but powerful signal to find the nearest cell tower. Once it locates the tower, it sends a secondary signal to establish the connection. This is known as a “handshake.” Along with this handshake, the phone sends all of its information, including its current location (usually within several hundred feet).

Text message tracking is no different – it can help parents intervene before bad things happen. Why consider a text message tracker like Auto Forward?

It is discreet

You should definitely weight some decisions before investing in a text message spy program The most important thing is to make sure that the tracker is discreet so that you do not give away your presence on your teen’s cell phone.

According to statistics, more than 90% of teens are likely to own phones, across both genders and across all races. According to the Daily Mail of the UK, a regular phone user, that is, a person who is working and is likely to look at their phone only when there is need to will look at their cell phone at least 110 times every day! That is one time  too many, but with those kinds of statistics, you can only imagine just how many times a teen with all the time in the world would glance at their phone. You need to know what they are doing on the phone, for their own safety.

Look for signs of sexting

What exactly will you be looking for with the mobile tracking app? Well, for starters, you could start by looking for signs of sexting, because this is the new trend among teenagers now. What many of them and their parents do not know is that sexting is a crime, at least in Massachusetts and anyway, it leads to sending and receiving of nude and semi nude images, which are an offence under the law.

Parenting just became harder with the coming of the smartphone. Add to that the fact that many parents can hardly keep up with the changes in technology, and therefore they never know what is going on. In fact, the natural bother and tantrums that parents have to face from their teenagers everyday is more than enough without the complexes of technology.

Read reviews before buying

Do not take the word of the software vendor too seriously because they will tell you what they want you to hear. On the contrary, you want to find out more before you buy. Before installation, look for an Auto Forward review that has been written by a user, see what kinds of features you can expect from the software before you install it.

The most important thing is to find software that allows you to be in control even when you are world away. Does it send reports to your email? Does it allow you to block callers and “texters” without the knowledge of your teen? A mobile tracking app is only as good as its features and usability.


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