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Your Child is a Drug User. Know the Signs.

Drugs are the scourge of society. While you don’t want to think about your pride and joy using or selling drugs, it’s much more common than anyone wants to admit. Dozens of young people over the past few years have succumbed to the horrors of drugs- losing their families, or dying from overdoses. It may be hard to know whether or not your child is a drug user but by identifying the signs early on, you may be able to help stop your child before it’s too late.

Old school parenting didn’t have to rely on spy gear such as hidden cameras or audio surveillance. This innovative and modern technology didn’t exist three decades ago. Or maybe we were more trusting in those days. Either way, spy gear such as a gps tracker could’ve helped prevent your child’s potential addiction to drugs.

Identifying the Signs

It pays to pay attention when it comes to your child’s health. Some of the earliest warning signs may not be immediately obvious at first. But in general, it’s important to be observant.

If your child starts wearing more perfume or cologne than usual, they may be trying to hide the scent of smoking or vaporizing drugs. Physical symptoms are important to watch out for. Watch for redness in their eyes, excessive coughing, hyper-activity or unusual laziness. Your child may be using eye drops or breath fresheners more often.

But it’s your child’s behavior that provides some of the most important red flags to keep an eye out for. A child may, for instance, act more secretive or start avoiding you and the rest of the family out of the blue. They may spend most of their time locked up in their room (although keep in mind that many teenagers stick around in their room and this is often not the only sign that something’s up). Your teenager may be unusually moody or adopt a strange sleeping schedule. They may start hanging around new friends and spending all their time with them. If your child is selling drugs, they may suddenly have an unexplained new source of income that they’re not keen to talk about. Many teenagers freelance or pick up part-time jobs but most teenagers aren’t secretive about the kinds of jobs they work while in high school. When a child exhibits behavior that’s far from the norm for them, that’s a good sign that something is up.

What Do You Do?

While your teenager may very well be using and selling drugs, it’s important to take careful, measured steps before you make any assumptions. If you have reason to believe they’re using or selling drugs, consider installing cellphone tracking technology on their phones. That way when your child leaves the house and you’re not sure you can trust where they’re going or who they’re hanging out with, you have an easy way to know what your child is up to.

With cell phone tracking technology, you can not only track your child’s location but you’ll be able to remotely screen texts, calls, and activity on social networks such as Facebook and Snapchat. You can even take photos and videos remotely using your child’s phone to see where they are and what they’re up to.

When you have reason to expect that your child is taking or using drugs, you can’t afford to worry blindly. You need solid evidence that something is going on and you need to take measures, even if they seem strong and scary to ensure that you can protect your child before they overdose or get in serious trouble with the wrong people.

If you find evidence they’re taking drugs, enroll your child in a rehab program. Ground them from using their cellphone and monitor their Internet usage. You can’t afford not to act. Your child may resent you but ultimately, they’ll realize that you’re only trying to protect them.

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