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Your Teenagers and Online Dating

Like it or not, every teenager will want to date at some point and it’s hard to stop them. After all, you were a teenager once and it’s important to remember that when dealing with your own kids. But things are a lot different now than they were when you were growing up. When you were dating in high school, you usually knew your boyfriends or girlfriends from the same school and your parents and teachers kept an eye on what you were up to. This isn’t always the case with the modern teenager.

The modern teenager has a smartphone. Your child probably also has access to the Internet. While you should allow your child to have some independence online, it’s natural to be worried about what they’re doing on the Internet. And if they’re dating, there is a whole host of new problems to be concerned about. Your child needs to be aware of the potential dangers of online dating, dating apps, and meeting people on the Internet.

You Can Never Be Too Careful

Like anyone who might make friends and potentially date people online, your child should be well aware of some of the dangers found online like catfishing. Not everyone is who they say they are.

Your child should understand how to deal with people who may be falsifying their identity. Even if your teenager is given a photo and a phone number, that doesn’t mean either of them are real. Your teenager could still be talking to someone who is lying about who they are.

Always encourage your teenager to be skeptical of any claims they make online. And be sure to tell them that it’s okay to conduct reverse cell phone number lookups and reverse image searches in order to determine whether someone is lying about their identity. With a free reverse search cell phone number your teenager can find out who really owns a phone number. Reverse number cell phone lookups and reverse image searches can reveal whether someone is falsifying their location and name or using photos that don’t really belong to them. All of these tools are free to use.



Important Lessons

While you may not be comfortable with the idea of your teenagers dating online, they may do it anyway. Always teach them these important lessons to make sure that they’re making friends and meeting potential dating partners responsibly.

One, your child should never send intimate photos of themselves online even if they know their boyfriend or girlfriend well. People have been arrested for sending nude or almost nude photos online. And any photo you send over the Internet isn’t as private as you think they are. Any hacker can access your phone or cloud service’s cache in order to uncover data you think was deleted.

Two, your child should always be very careful about meeting anyone in real life that they first met online. Encourage them to avoid doing so until they’ve conducted a free background check and image searches first. Always have them go with you or a friend. And encourage them to always meet their date in public.

Your teenager should be able to trust you and keep you informed on what’s going on in their lives. Emphasize that you are someone your teenagers can trust and come to whenever they’re not sure about something or having a hard time in their daily lives. As a parent, you need to be mindful about what your teenagers are going through. After all, you were a teenager once and you need to remind both yourself and your teenagers of that fact without sounding like you’re talking down to them.

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