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Your Twitter iOS Location Data Could’ve Been Breached!


On Monday, May 13th, 2019, Twitter made an official statement saying that they found a Twitter iOS bug. This privacy bug collected the location data of Twitter iOS users. However, it did not affect all users. You must have been signed into multiple accounts on your iOS app, and had the precise location feature enabled on one of those accounts to be affected.

Where Did The Data Go?

The data retrieved from this Twitter bug was sent to Twitter, and shared with a trusted advertising partner. The shared information did not include the exact coordinates of the Twitter users, just their city or zip code. The location data was only on their servers for a short time, not used, and was deleted after the vulnerability was discovered.  

What Has Been Done About The Twitter Bug?

Here’s the official Twitter statement regarding what has been done to address the privacy bug found:

“We have fixed this problem and are working hard to make sure it does not happen again. We have also communicated with the people whose accounts were impacted to let them know the bug has been fixed.”

Also, as stated before, the data retrieved from this vulnerability has been deleted off of all systems at Twitter and the advertising partners.

What You Can Do To Protect Yourself

Every new Twitter bug is different, so it can be hard to tell what you need to do to protect yourself in the future. Here are some basic steps you can take.

Check Your Privacy Settings

    • Tap on your account icon.
    • Go to Settings and privacy.
    • Click on Privacy and safety.
    • Edit the tweet location, tweet privacy, discoverability, safety, and other settings to your liking.  

Disable Account Precise Location Feature

    • Press on your Twitter account icon.
    • Choose Settings and privacy.
    • Tap Privacy and safety.
    • Uncheck Tweet with location.
    • Click on Delete location information to delete any past data collected.


With this being the fourth bug discovered on Twitter within the past year, this may happen again in the future. All you can do is check your Privacy, Location, and General Twitter settings on a regular basis.

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